Tour Service


 < Model course 1: Traditional & Modern Walking Tour >

                ~Try discovering something new !~ 



Have you seen the anime, " From Up On Poppy Hill"(Kokurikozaka kara),yet?     


There is the monument on the hill from the movie.

I'll show you some locations related to the film, along with the attraction of Yokohama.                         



 山下公園写真.JPG At Yamashita Park. This park was constructed in 1930 by using the debris of Great Kanto Earthquake. Do you recognize this ship from the movie ?

  You can fully enjoy nice harbor views カメラ   


  Lunch at the biggest China Town of Japanレストラン


  三渓園3重の塔150.jpgSankeien Garden, a traditional Japanese style garden



臨春閣150.jpgEnjoy taking a pleasant stroll in the tasteful garden like small Kyoto !




Old house with thatched roof 矢原住宅150円形.jpgmoved from

Shirakawago, one of World Cultural Heritage Sites.


 Please immerse in its traditional atmosphere deeply わーい(嬉しい顔)



<Model course2: Wonderful Stroll of Kamakura >    

         ~Let's get around the antient sumurai city!~                               八幡様鳥居.jpg


The gate way to a fantastic shrine, Tsurugaoka-hachiman, our tour definitely starts with here.   


Tasteful path lined with a lot of bamboos. 


Strolling here makes us refresh !



Try tasting Japanese green tea Maccha and sweets while seeing a nice dry landscape garden.          浄明寺枯山水200.jpg

鎌倉大仏150.jpgIf you have an extra time, explore next temple where a great statue of Buddha is located.  


 Let's have a wonderful time together !



<Model course3: Ramen Hopping by Shinkansen & Sea Bus >

        ~Why not  enjoy distinctive palate by Bullet Train !?~



Ramen Museum is a unique theme park which offers us a variety of delicious ramen with nostalgic atmosphere.ラーメンかもめ.jpg You can get there by Bullet train.

I'll accompany you from Tokyo Station.



 Wanna enjoy many kinds of ramen?

Fine. you can take an half-sized bowl !シーバス150.jpg


After stuffed, access Minato-Mirai area by Sea Bus.

You can enjoy shopping in the water front area, many attactive shopping complex. Also good idea to explore another ramen museum,cup noodle museum !



< KENDO Experience >    

Why not experience a unique activity? 


Please don't hesitate to join us ,if you would like to experience something traditional !

KENDO is a Japanese martial art associated with samurai warriors ,so you'll surely have an unfogettable memory.

Your guide will kindly show you the KENDO aspects,from its etiquette to some moves.

 I’ll also cater to kendo performance at a reception  or a party for your company.  剣道レセプション150.jpgpaeformance 001.jpg

Please ask me about details.