Tour Service


 < Model course 1: Highlights Walking Tour > 

Ex) Recommended places: Osanbashi Pier, Yamashita Park,China Town, Sankeien garden...      


  Osanbashi Pier...entrance to Yokohama City                                               

  Yamashita Park..harbor constructed in 1930 by using the debris of Great Kanto   Earthquake.

  Lunch at the biggest China Town of Japanレストラン

  Sankeien Garden..small Kyoto in Yokohama with a traditional Japanese style garden


<Model course2: Wonderful Stroll in Kamakura >    

         ~Let's get around the antient sumurai city!~                               

   Ex)Recommended places: Tsurugaoka Hachiman shrine, Kotokuin Temple, Hokokuji Temple,Hase Temple..


Tsurugaoka Hachiman Shrine..iconic shrine in Kamakura 

Kotokuin Temple..famous for a giant statue of Buddha

Hokokuji Temple..Zen Buddhist temple with a fantastic bamboo garden

Hase Temple.. tallest wooden Kan-non statue


<Model course3: Ramen Hopping Tour >

   Ex)Recommended places: Ramen museum in Shinyokohama,Cupnoodle museum in Minatomirai area...    


Ramen Museum..a unique Ramen park which offers us a variety of delicious ramen with nostalgic atmosphere.

 Cupnoodle museum..Let's make your original ramen !

Minatomirai area..waterfront area for shopping



< KENDO Experience >    

Why not experience a unique activity? 


     You'd like to experience something unique in Japan ?

KENDO is a Japanese martial art associated with samurai warriors ,so you'll surely have an unfogettable memory.

Your guide shows you the KENDO aspects,from its etiquette to some moves,

      also gives kendo demonstration at a reception or party for your company. 


 剣道レセプション150.jpgpaeformance 001.jpg

Please ask me about details.