Regular Tour

< Model course 1: Traditional  &  Modern  Walking  Tour  >


           12,000yen /a group  (up to 5people)  


  • Insurance,entrance fees , fare of transportation and lunch NOT included.
  • Cash only.Please pay the fees for the tour at the meeting place.  


<Model course2: Wonderful Stroll of Kamakura >


      10,000yen /a group (up to 5people)   


  • Lunch, fare of transportation, insurance  and entrance fees Not included.  
  • If the tour is extended, 1,000yen is required per half an hour.
  • Cash only.Please pay the fees for the tour at the meeting spot .



<Model course 3: Ramen Hopping by Shinkansen & Sea Bus >


        8,000yen /a group (up to 5people)


  • Insuranse, fare of Shinkansen,train and Sea bus, fees of Ramen and entrance fees NOT included.
  • Cash only. Please pay the fees for the tour at the meetig spot.   



< KENDO  Experience  >


    5,000yen /per person (the same price for children) 


  • The cost includes guide fees,bamboo sword rental, kendo uniform rental,a summary of KENDO etiquette, and pick-up service.
  • Insurance NOT included.
  • Cash only.Please pay cash for the session at the meeting place.
  • Please bring something to drink.