Question & Answer


Q: Can I participate in the tour alone at the same price ?

A: Of course you can.Sorry,but the price is always the same  regardless of the number of perticipants.


Q:Can I get around different places in Yokohama ?

A: Yes, you can.I'll customize your own tour,so plaese let me know what areas you would like to go to in advance.For example, of course you can explore other places  such as Hakkeijima Sea Paradise. 電車


Q: If it rains, is the tour held ?

A: If you make a reservation beforehand, the tour is held rain or shine on schedule.

    But if it snows heavily, or typhoon comes,the tour will be cancelled with no charge. 

    We can talk about it if the weather seems to get worse.


Q:I am not good at sports. Can I participate in KENDO Experience ? 

A: Of course ,"Yes, you can". Everyone can enjoy the martial art of KENDO, because it's just a performance for beginners.わーい(嬉しい顔)


Q: As for KENDO Experience, are there any age limits ?

A: For children, it's from 6 and up. For adults, up to any age.

I look forward to seeing you.