Hello! Welcome to Yokohama English Walk! Thank you so much for visiting my website.

My name is Mayumi Okubo, government licensed English speaking tour guide. I started this service in 2012, and have been introducing lots of tourist attractions in Japan to foreign visitors.

Also, I have offered a unique activity Kendo Experience Tour to people who are interested in some unusual experiences in Japan. I’m so happy to hear your exciting reviews. So many “thank you” and your smiles have made me keep going as a tour guide. Share your impression with me through the experience.

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Work Experience:

04/2012-Present   Government Licensed English Speaking Guide 

08/2015-Present    English speaking Assistant in the general hospital of Tokyo

 02/95-06/2016     Staff, medical clinics in Yokohama

04/90-11/93         Office worker, Top Tours Corporation 

Education:  Graduated from Gakushuin Univ. with a degree in Politics, in 1990 


• Government Licensed English Speaking Guide, 2012

• Kendo Master Certificate(Japanese Martial Art ;The 6th grading level)

• Eiken: Practical English proficiency Grade 1

• First Aid certified by WMA(Wilderness Medical Associates)


Please feel free to contact me.