Hello! Welcome to Yokohama English Walk ! Thank you so much for visiting my web site.

My name is Mayumi Okubo, government licensed English speaking tour guide. I started this service in 2012, and have been introducing lots of tourist attractions in Japan to foreign visitors.

Also, I have offered a unique activity Kendo Experience Tour to people who are interested in some unusual experience in Japan. I’ m so happy to hear your exciting reviews. So many “thank you” and your smiles have made me keep going as a tour guide. Share your impression with me thorough the experience.

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Work Experience:

04/2012-Present   Government Licensed English Speaking Guide 

08/2015-Present    English speaking Assistant in general hospital of Tokyo

 02/95-06/2016     Staff, medical clinics in Yokohama

04/90-11/93         Office worker, Top Tours Corporation 

Education:  Graduated from Gakushuin Univ. with a degree in Politics, 1990 


• Government Licensed English Speaking Guide, 2012

• Kendo Master Certificate(Japanese Martial Art ;The 5th grading level) 2013


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