Peaceful spot

Nara was the antient capital of Japan, which had flourished as such for 80years in the history, so Nara park is one of the peaceful spots in Japan with an eternal atmosphere. Not only temples and shrines but there are said to be over 1,300 deer living there in natural.

Deer is believed to be as messengers of Kasuga Grand Shrine. The folklore says that one upon a time, the god of other shrine came here while riding a white deer, and deer has been regarded as sacred creature to link between the god and us.

They are teeming here and there, very taming, even bowing to us to get special biscuits. Don’t feed human food for its health, but it’d be so hard for everybody to ignore it if we are gazed by deer with its cute round eyes…Let’s get the biscuits !

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Mayumi Okubo
Mayumi Okubo
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