Graceful aroma

There is a famous park in Tochigi Pref., Ashikaga Flower Park where so many wisterias can be enjoyed with sweet aromas. The color is simple, only purple or white but it’s amazing that the trees stretch the branches in every direction along with plenty of vivid petals. We cannot help feeling the powerful energy of nature and even awing. The flowers are, needless to say, so beautiful and the aromas are like perfume. Daytime is OK if you’d like to enjoy watching them in a more fantastic atmosphere, it should be recommended to stay there until night. You’ll surely be impressed with a shower of violet and white curtains. This is listed by CNN as one of the 10 places to visit in the world, so it has attracted tens of thousands of visitors every year, however just in May!

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Mayumi Okubo
Mayumi Okubo
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